ICS provides high quality facility maintenance and facility management programs through an unparalleled self-performance platform.  We subcontract only where it is more cost effective, while the competition attempts to drive out costs by purchasing low bid services from subcontractors.  Instead of reducing wages to lower costs, we provide high quality employees and reduced subcontractor overhead and fees.  Therefore, a larger percentage of facility costs are able to be allocated towards the quality of the staff performing the work, minimizing dollars paid towards layers of overhead and fees. 


This chart illustrates how ICS drives value from an in house model as well as from an agent or integrator model.  If outsourcing facility management services for the first time, key value drivers include:

  • Minimizing full time dedicated specialized resources by leveraging shared resources and subject matter experts as your facilities need them
  • Creating a logical career path for facilities staff so employees don’t end up overpaid in dead end positions
  • Leveraging experts and best practices to drive cutting edge process improvement
  • Benefitting from years of facility management training techniques, processes and technology development
  • ICS is different from agents and integrators because we self-perform more.  The following chart illustrates how we self-perform a broad spectrum of integrated services with key supplier partners to provide the most effective and integrated facility solution available today

Diversity Programs

ICS recognizes that rich diversity and connection to our local communities is an integral part of our success. The twin goals of diversity and inclusion require commitment and continued focus. We concentrate on leveraging and maximizing our employees’ rich skills and talents and furthering the cultural breadth of our organization to promote more diversity into every level of our organization. 
We are also proud to offer true mentor-protégé diversity solutions that operate with ICS support but qualify as 8A or Tier 1 certified diversity facility management solutions.  We invest in these companies, helping them grow their business by using ICS systems and resources.  In turn, we benefit by being able to offer true diversity solutions to our corporate and government clients.

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