Intercontinental Commercial Services, Inc. (ICS) has been offering their customers quality service for the best price since the early 1980’s. In the first five years of operation, ICS has enjoyed rapid growth and a stellar reputation due to their dedication and quality services. Today, ICS is one of the most innovative contracting service companies that offer commercial and industrial painting and janitorial services. 

Unlike other traditional contracting companies, ICS is unique in the way that we guarantee quality performance and customer satisfaction. We institute a comprehensive system of inspections with our clients. As part of this process, the Crew Chief utilizes ICS’s proven productivity standards, which produce the level of performance you expect and is the best approach for achieving this level in a cost-effective manner. 

One of the main goals is for our staff members to keep your facility looking and running its best inside and out. ICS has always placed a high value on professionalism and has developed a training program which ensures that each and every staff employee conducts themselves in the utmost professional manner. All of the staff team consists of long-term employees who are well versed in the ICS’s manner of performance. Our outstanding staff workers have defined who we are as a company. 

We take pride in the fact that ICS has maintained strong relationships with many of our customers for a long period of time, and we believe this shows that our customers are receiving the satisfaction of having quality services at competitive prices. We attribute much of our success to our supervisory staff, along with their ability to recruit, train, and maintain specialized labor forces throughout North America. 

Every property/ facility manager is concerned with quality control. ICS has a full time site supervisor who inspects the sites on a regular basis to ensure that all the services prescribed by ICS’s procedures are followed. The site supervisor is available 24 hours a day to respond if the customer is not completely satisfied with the ending results.  Additionally, by utilizing only the top quality products, we are able to guarantee durability and longevity of our services. 


We provide our employees with the necessary training and tools to be a cut above the rest in the industry. 

Our site managers and supervisors also receive special training in the areas of: 

Principles of Management

Effective Supervision

Basics of Supervision

Motivation of Personnel


ICS maintains commercial general liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 and can obtain insurance coverage as needed. Additionally, all employees are fully insured with general liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and bonded. 

ICS is the highly recommended for all commercial and industrial painting projects as well as janitorial services. Contact us today to see for yourself what ICS is all about. 


ICS recognizes the importance of promoting a healthier environment both inside and outside your facility.  Therefore, we use only environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods.

Our professionally trained staff uses environment friendly products and offers the most innovative green cleaning technologies, as specified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®).

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